Thursday, May 23, 2002

Take Two.....hate it when I lose the posts.

I am very irritated. I have been running all week trying to do everything with friends because they all whine that I don't spend any time with them. I am tired and the craziness is just beginning. Tomorrow I am joining the mad traffic rush to go camping with my sisters family. I figure the campground in the northwoods wouldn't be too popular of a place in which one would have to worry about terrorism.
Frankly, I am really tired of being afraid of everthing. We have tickets to San Francisco in July and I will be damned if these rejects will scare me out of it.
So today on the playground and idiot kid who was standing two feet to the side of me decided to kick a football right into my ear. It was an accident, but common sense would tell you to stand back or turn the other way. I couldn't hear for awhile, and now there is a stinging sensation. I guess it is better than last year. I was playing kickball about this time, when the ball flew past the ear so close that it took the skin right off of it. I was bleeding. I was pitching and I bent over when hit and the kids were screaming, "hurry up, we want to play." All in all, I faired better this time around.
So, I have my books all packed and I am off for an evening with G and then on a long vacation.
Pass the ice.......


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