Tuesday, May 07, 2002

The principal noticed my vehicle today. I have had it for four months now. "that yellow vehicle, is it yours?" hehe
Sometimes I let a little of myself out here at work. I guess if you are going to buy a vehicle to the tune of $24,000
you are going to get exactly what you want.
I feel pressure and I am not so sure why I feel it so intense right now. I fear what people may discover, because they are very
narrow in there way of thinking. There is no diversity here, you follow the leader. The leader is corrupt I'm afraid and they just don't get it. I grew up going to church and basically being a Christian, but I don't agree with a lot that goes along with the religious aspect.
Who are these people to interpret the bible in the certain ways that they do.
Last summer I stole the clock from the office just to the left of the chapel. It said, Time for Repentence. I mean what the hell is that about?
G's father had a heart attach this weekend. He started feeling the pain in his chest and arm and proceeded to cut his lawn and the neighbors and then pack and head on up here from Florida. He almost fell over in a gas station half way here. 48 hrs later he lays down on the bed here and finally at 3a.m. he goes to the hospital. He should be dead. He probably doesn't have a whole lot of time left now.
The doctor said he did extensive damage letting his heart be in an attack condition for that long. It shut down the arteries that were once open. I feel bad for the family. How stupid.
What is wrong with JR? I hate reading the blog and not knowing why someone is upset, just the fact that they are.


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