Friday, May 03, 2002

Ok, I am furious at a friend, it is so........ I don't know, I can't think of words to fit this..........

We went to dinner last week and she ordered this steak dinner. Looked pretty good as far as steaks go at a nonsteak restaurant. Anyway, she is munching away, no comments or anything, and then asks for a bag to take it home. Last night she calls me on the phone and said that her leftover steak was dry and burnt so she proceeded to call the restaurant on the phone and tell them her leftover steak was bad. For a reason uncomprehensible to me they gave her a certificate for a free dinner.
Now, if you are going to wait two or three days and put a piece of already cooked steak in the microwave, rest assured that your steak will be a fried piece of leather upon eating. HELLO!!

I am calm now.
I wonder if I can call and say the chicken gave me a stomachache?


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