Monday, May 20, 2002

So, went to see Spiderman this weekend. It has great special effects and I like the way the Green Goblin zips around on his vehicle of choice. Weirdest thing, the film broke right at the end. I mean we saw the full movie, but then it went to cartoon. No closing credits or anything. It ripped, looked like it was on fire, and then broke apart. I always wondered if someone stayed in the booth, but I know they don't as it just kept showing a big hole glowing on the sides. weird... We also rented The Others. Ok, I really thought that was good! So what if it was slow at parts. It was scary without being gory and I didn't figure it out which is the one thing I hate.
Very much a foreign flavor to it.
I get to go camping this weekend with my sister, brother-in-law and niece. G is feeling left out and this is beginning to get a little hard.
Can't wait to lay around and read.


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