Thursday, May 09, 2002

The lady that started this school 40 years ago was hit by a drunk driver last night. Her husband was released from the hospital, but she is still there. Last week a friend of mine was hit by one. How do we punish these idiots? I am at a loss on this one. This type of thing is getting worse lately.
This morning I was getting coffee at a gas station when this older lady called out for help. She couldn't figure out how to pump gas.
Her husband had recently died and she never had to do things like that before. She started to cry. I filled up her tank and she asked how I knew it was full for future reference. She had a very nice car and was dressed very well. I felt bad for her loss and for the way the world may be for her now. It was depressing.
Tomorrow I am going up north with G to watch some friends try to qualify for the Boston Marathon next year. Last year G ran it.
I can't imagine running 23 or 26 miles whatever it is. Your body is ready to shut down at the end. She said it can be unpleasant to watch. People literally fall over. I don't think I will worry about doing that for awhile. It will be nice to get away. Sunday we are stopping to see my family. G will meet them all. We are just friends of course. Ugh!!


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