Tuesday, June 11, 2002

So we have these damn faculty meetings. Yesterday's nearly sent me over the edge. Three hours on how to grade reportcards. Nothing whatsoever to do with me.
Then at the end of the meeting the faculty got into it with the principal and director of schools. Seems everyone wants half days of school next year to do report cards.
They say we have to many days off already and we couldn't have them. Everyone started in and this is strange because it is a religiously somber bunch. Maybe that is it, they want to actually speak there mind. Anyway, finally a first grade teacher said that this wasn't the time to discuss such issues cause we are all exhaused from the year and we just need to be done. Well, the principal blew up at that. " I have no sympathy for that. I have to be here all summer and you all are off." I would probably never comment out loud, but anytime those administrators would like to trade paychecks they can just let me know!! There was a whole lot of grumpling going on. I unfortunately had to pick that moment to say I never received the paperwork for tonights meeting. Good one! Perfect timing. Ugh!!! I had to choice.
So, I get to spend the afternoon in meetings with these idiots again, and then have my hour review tonight. I am first.
G and I are playing house this week. The family is out of town and we are together for the week. It has been fun, but I need a bigger bed. The whole weekend was spent at different festivals and dinners out. I am broke. I finally admitted to G that I really can't be doing so much anymore.
My suv insurance came due and it is 550 dollars. HELLO! I was all about this in Dec. Course I had saved extra for insurance and thought what the heck , I will pay six months worth. I have been shopping around, can get it down to 460. I so need money.
Ok, on that cheery thought, I will get ready to go back to school. Still waiting on the fieldtrip info. We are going on a faculty field trip on Friday. No comment, don't feel like writing a whole lot of expletives right now.


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