Monday, June 17, 2002

Wow, Monday already. Started the new job of watching my friends kids today. I live with them so it isn't bad. They got back from California yesterday and are still on that time. They slept in to 9:30. Can't ask for more than that.

Ugh..... G's therapist never showed this morning. It was an awful two days and I was hoping this appointment would help. After a week living together it was hard to break apart and now go back to dating. It seems I take on one plight after another. I was reading my emails from last years drama which started about now. I dropped one thing and picked up another.

I have decided that when I go to California next month I am telling nobody except my best friend. I hate this!! I will not ever be able to talk about this trip to anyone but G.
This is so fucked up. Last year I wanted and would have given anything to go to California to see JR. I am going, and it is a secret. I am thinking this is not wise. Like anything in my life is. I have a month, maybe I will change my mind.


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