Thursday, June 20, 2002

Ahhh....sunny and 90 today. Finally we can thaw from that awful cool spring we had. Unfortunately, it will be a hell of a weekend. The family is coming to visit and we are having a major birthday bash with 30 kindergarteners here.

Going to a Brewer game on Sunday with G. We have club seats do to a city government friend who is away for the weekend. I like that, no standing in line to get overpriced food. Nope, we can tip the hired help and stay in our seats and pay even more.

the presidents wife was on television this morning talking about reading programs for children during the summer. I was not impressed with her speech. It was very librarian like. Just tack on the bun and you have the image everyone thinks of.

Speaking of librarians, nice one Lucas. Nice image and attitude of the librarian in the newest Star Wars episode. I want my eight dollars back. Great action, very bad dialog.


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