Tuesday, July 09, 2002

We are almost half way thru summer vacation and I am realizing that time just is not going to slow and I am going to be back at work again.
G is driving me crazy to move in, which will not happen anytime soon. Do I want to do that, yeah, I think so, but not in that condo and not yet.
Yesterday was sixth months and it was pretty quiet. I made dinner at the condo and then I read and G worked on photography. We have the huge
issue of my privacy and not being able to stay over there whenever we want.
I can't believe how screwed up my life is and believe me I don't get much sypathy. How do I give up my job of eight years which becomes vested at the end of August and then begin a life totally opposite of what I have been living.
It does not help that a friend of mine just moved in with someone and emailed about how they bought new furniture, moved to a different city and there relationship is going great.
This is really screwed up for me at this moment. We have plane tickets for SanFrancisco two weeks from now and we fight about everything. Ugh!!
It seems like these issues are somthing someone would deal with in there 20's. I feel that it shouldn't be so difficult to figure out when you hit thirty. I must be wrong.


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