Monday, July 08, 2002

Summerfest is great. I mean you get to see bands that you really would never toss out cash for just to go watch them perform songs that are older than you are. Yes, they have up and coming bands, but usually they are of the one hit wonder variety that you still wouldn't shell out too much for.
Heart, I like them, always have. Women who rock, like Blondie who was at SF also. Shoot me down, but I am really into 80's music.. The B-52's were there
as was Judas Priest. They have been around since the early 70's. Of course the Violent Femmes which is a local tradition. When I was in college my roommate and friends would play that tape over and over until I knew every last word and got it for myself.
Current bands included Default, worth 4 or so minutes to hear Wasting My Time and Lit, who's My Own Worst Enemy is barely worth the 4 or so minutes. Tantric and Sevendust may be worth more time, although it isn't really in my musical intrests. Soul Asylum, Better Than Ezra, and Sugar Ray are worth a glance also.
The thing about Summerfest is, you are right on the lake, plenty of beer is flowing, you have your best buds with you, and you are hearing something other than the locals playing. You can forgive the tired line up and get up on the picnic tables and sing along with those songs that have been overplayed on the radio just long enough for you to
get them stuck in your head.
Links, took me an hour just to get two more up, but I am proud and will continue!


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