Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Imagine going on a camping trip with your gf/bf and they are driving around lost in construction and they get off at a city far from your hometown and it just happens to be in the neighborhood of the person who still has a tiny piece of your heart. You start to panic because you are really close and it all seems very odd that in the whole freakin state this is exactly the town they pick to get lost in. You ask them to hurry up and you sit up and bite your nail and dip back down in your seat and ask what the damn problem is and then feel guilty, sad and angry at the same time. The flashbacks of a year minus two weeks hits you hard. Then your gf/bf STOPS the car and asks just what the hell your problem is. You break out laughing because it is so ironic and of course they must know what is up with you. You tell them, which is a very big mistake, but it pulls them out of there confusion as to where they are very quickly and then you have to watch them sulk as your own old wounds are aching cause you just stabbed at them again.
Very nice start to the weekend. The rest was perfect, we had a great time camping at my families camper and we met up with some friends and was totally shocked when dinner for 4 came out to $170 dollars. Thank the good Lord I wasn't paying.


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