Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Barely moving today. I have a headache to beat all headaches. I looked up flight info for Friday and found myself in a waving panic attack. The very thought of being on an airplane makes me sick. Damn it!
This is so insane. I would have given anything to go to San Fran last summer. I was obsessive about how it was unfair how my life was turning out, about how a friend was making a dream become a realization, and how I was just plain stuck. Well, here I am, going to San Fran with somebody. Yeah, that is right we have been together almost seven months and we are going on this trip.
I am sitting here at the computer, basically unchanged since last year except I am doing the very thing I wanted to do last summer. If something would have touched me last year, a realization, or a hint of things to come.....I wouldn't have believed it.
I am going a little crazy over this situation.
Time to calm down!


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