Monday, July 22, 2002

Birthday weekend. I was a tad busy with several functions. On my birthday G gave me a 1 carot ruby necklace and half carot ruby earrings. They are very nice I must say. I was expecting jewelry, but probably not this nice, it was a surprise. We went to a party at G's Bosses house. I met a ton of people that heard about me and was introduced as the girlfriend. That was rather interesting. Afterward, I was told that the angry girl that is totally wanting to be with G was at the party. I saw her, but was unaware thank God!
My family is screwed up beyond repair I'm afraid. I talked to one of my sisters yesterday for over an hour on the phone. My Dad died about four years ago and since then my family has been doing a major backslide. My other sister would have went thru bankrupcy right after his death, but my mom bailed her and my brother-in-law out. Now, they are about there again and they have no major bills. It makes no sense at all. They live in the house of my mom and dad. My mom had to buy another house to live in. She bought them a van and then forgave that debt. No, she doesn't make them pay rent. They have three kids, but he has a good job. We can't figure out why they can't give my mom money for taxes on the house. It is the only thing she asks for. No, drugs and alchohol are not used. My brother-in-law is always working and my sister camps out on my moms livingroom couch so my mom can watch the kids. My sister has asked that I talk to my mom and other sister about all these problems when I come home for a week soon. I think not, what the hell can I possibly say to change things.


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