Thursday, July 25, 2002

I haven't started to pack yet, although I did go by 4 magazines for the plane. I believe it is a 4 hour trip. Not to bad, I remember going to Luxemburg and taking 8 hours with the stop in Iceland. I had no fear then, but that was back in 84. I would love to travel, but not in a group again. You always end up doing what others want to do. I liked the castles, but after five I had seen enough.
G has the weekend all planned out, but being the girlfriend I know I will have say in what we do. Since I didn't pay a penny for this trip I do need to pay for one rather expensive dinner. It isn't the dinner, G is big into wine and will have no problem spending 8 dollars a glass. Me, I stick to my diet Coke.
We will get back on Monday from San Fran and then on Friday a.m. head off to Chicago for the night. Just to remember our weekend from March in one night. Then I am off on Monday to go camping with my family for a week. When I arrive home I will have exactly three days of summer vacation left. I have no motivation to go back to that school.
None. A teacher friend from work called and said she got a piece of mail from the district and that there was a prayer in for our principal. I know this is horrible, as I have no idea what is wrong, but she had better not die or anything prior ot Aug. 15th. No one passes on before vacation is over. Sorry, not in the contract!! No time for a funeral.
Ok, I have to pack. I am wondering if three pairs of shoes is enough. I know, stupid woman problem, but it is better I worry about that then about crashing out of the sky.
God willing, I shall return.


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