Wednesday, August 14, 2002

I snuck a peek at my schedule for this year. Who the hell came up with it I don't know, but it sucks!
Friday's nine to three without a break. Seven classes in a row and no lunch and god forbid even a bathroom break. Mondays I think I have two classes starting at one.
I am not excited for this to begin. Tomorrow I will spend the morning in church. I shall repent all my sins and promise to be good all year long. I am rolling my eyes here.
If i can get through it with a straight face I will be doing good.

Met G's father and stepmother. I was not looking forward to that, but we have been together 7 months and thought it was time. I hate that kind of thing, but people generally like me cause I am quiet and agreeable to everything they say even if it is total crap that they are spouting on about. It is just easier that way.

I have so much to accomplish and because nobody gave me the kick I needed yesterday it is just worse.
Tonight we are celebrating G's birthday. We are going to the restraunt we went to the night we decided to become a couple. Nothing happened that night. Just a kiss.
Just a beginning. Actually things are not going so well again. I am just hoping we can find away to work it out. I am done if this doesn't work. Sinle forever.

Ok, to work, cause I love it so much. :p


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