Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Next month G and I both have to go to work retreats. Thing is, they are hugely different and it is kind of depressing. G is going to New Orleans for a week and almost everything is paid for, or the doctors will pick up the tab for expensive dinners.. I on the other hand am going down the street about 45 min to a very expensive resort for one night and most things are pay your own way. Our room is paid for, and I believe a breakfast and a lunch, but two other meals are on your own, as is the night of entertainment plans. We can either golf, take a scenic boat tour, or make some ceramic pots at a shop. A teacher friend and I choose none of it and will just go look around the town. Plans for later include the pool or spa. The spa treatments are starting around $100. I mean I don't think so. Most are in the $300 range. Now we find out to enter the pool area will cost you $10 bucks. This all sucks. G is looking very forward to the New Orleans trip. A week of partying and eating great food and taking a couple classes all at the hospitals expense.
I really don't care for these events anyway. I mean you have to spend huge amounts of time with the people you work with. I have nothing in common with any of them and they are all rather annoying. We will have to have devotions randomly throughout the entire time and the focus will be religious. At least it is only one night.

Work is very mundane. Same thing as the last 8 years. I do not feel challenged except in the area of getting up ever day.

Saturday I get to go to a Badger game in Madison and then we have to change gears and go down to Kenosha for foreign film night. I really liked the films last year even though some of them had subtitles. It is a chance to get away from Hollywood and it is refreshing.


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