Monday, October 21, 2002

Two years ago in October I put myself on a quest to discover myself. As pathetic as it sounds, I really did make an attempt at finding out how I could make peace with myself on a couple issues. Two years later I figure I am about half way there. At some points in this journey I thought maybe I was doing the wrong thing, but I now know it was the best thing I could have done.
I have a way to go, and the hardest part is yet to come, but I know that some day I will be free to live as I see fit.

It lookes like with our combined incomes, G and I will be around the $70,000 range in the future. That is pretty good, we will be comfortable.
We would like to buy a house. I don't care for apartments or even condo's. I absolutely hate nosy neighbors and would like a plot of land that is surrounded with trees or at the very least a large yard.

I have been reading constantly and getting ready to actually make an attempt at writing again. My creativity is really working right now.
At least at school it is. I have the seventh graders working on Mystery stories and will probably have them create mystery dialogs or short plays.

Ahhh, to be a writer in a big house surrounded by a forest and lots of sunshine. I can't believe Stephen King is giving it up. Ok, he really has written a great amount, but I don't buy his statement that he has covered everthing. There is always a story.



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