Thursday, October 24, 2002

I am soon off to a retreat with my fellow faculty members. I am not as depressed about it as I once was, but I don't have high expectations for it either. Our group of 5 will be expecting the rest of the staff to develop a Chihuly exhibit out of plastic and balloons.
This will be our presentation on coooperative learning.
Meanwhile, my other sister and family are coming to visit today. I won't see them till tomorrow night. G has been put very far back on the backburner this month. Part is the trip to New Orleans, and I guess the other events our mine. Last night we tried to have dinner alone at a Mexican restaurant. Some friends of G's were there and we had to join them. It has been like that all month. We did get back to the condo and have some "time" last night but it seemed rushed and we were so tired it just wasn't the greatest.
November should be better, or not.


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