Monday, November 11, 2002

I had a four day weekend and so G and I had some time together. We fought the first half of the weekend and then had a great last part of the weekend. I saw a Da Vinci painting on Friday. Lady with an Ermine I believe it is called. Everyone was standing in a semicircle around it, but I wanted to see so I went up close. It was behind glass and there was a guard right there. Hard to believe it is such a valuable piece of artwork and I was standing right there. My favorite painting was "Stanczsky" by Jan Matejko. It is of the court jester who receives the news of the polish armies defeat as the king and queen dance in another room portrayed at that back of the painting. It's background is dark with the jester dressed in red with an excellently defined brooding expression. I absolutely loved that exhibit. Thur. night we tried to get in, but the lines were incredible. Friday wasn't much better, but it was morning and it wasn't as painful to stand in long lines.
Sat we went to visit a college campus nearby and ate at an Afghanistan restaurant. G loves lamb and things of that nature. I basically just eat the chicken and vegetable kabobs. I personally would have went to the Brat House for a brat or two, but I guess you can do that any old time.
I wish we could come to terms with how to wait out the time we have until we move in together. Tonight we went and looked at office furniture, but it was so pointless shopping for things together as we will not see each other till Wed. night and then again Friday.
May is so far away.


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