Monday, December 30, 2002

So, Christmas hype always leads to a big letdown. It was a stressful week and the best thing is that is is behind me. I enjoyed midnight services with my 87 year old grandmother. She is the only one who could stay up late enough to attend.
I am back and living with G for the week. Kind of like a trial run of our living together that will happen in April. The laptop here is very hard to type on so this will be short until I can get home tomorrow and update on a normal size keyboard.
I picked up a writers guide on ideas today and have been looking through that. We went to the art museum today, but the special display was on photography which is not my favorite thing. I dragged G to the modern art display to see if there was anything new and we saw this little yellow rag doll under a tipped yellow chair. A mini film projector was placed in front of the dolls face and projected this guys face. Every couple seconds it looked like the doll was talking about his life feelings. He would say things like,
"I hate change," or "speaking in front of people makes me nervous." At first I thought this was strange, but you have to look at it from the person speakings persective and it makes sense.
I tried to think of what color the doll and chair would be for me and what my doll would day. I think i will use that as one of my creative writing projects.


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