Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Turned out my mom had no heart blockages, but she still can't breath very well. I think these doctors are not doing enough to help her.
I am not cutiing on doctors, but sometimes they should refer to someone else if they can't find the problem. Since my father passed away, I am always worried about the slightest think with my mom.

We were invited to 4 parties tonight. I don't really care for New Year parties because of the complete idiots out tonight, but we will stop by one house party for a drink. Then we are cooking steak dinners and watching a dvd. G bought a tv/dvd player. Last night was rather funny but G didn't think so. We don't have cable there so the tv was useless and we didn't have a screwdriver small enough to open the back of the remote so that was useless. I saw a new temperment I have never witnessed before.


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