Monday, January 20, 2003

I am fascinated with true crime stories. It is very disturbing how many people get away with crimes they so cleary committed. On the other side are the crimes for which nobody can solve. I am interested in the West Memphis Tree case. Three eight year olds were killed while riding there bikes. Three teens were conviced without a solid piece of evidence other then one of them was into black tee shirts and rock music and was a self proclaimed wiccan. It has been in the news lately as people are trying to raise money to get the guys new trials. A book just came out about the case called Devils Knot. I am trying to get it through the library, but read a couple chapters this weekend at the bookstore. The step father is becomming central to the plot as to what really happened that day.
I don't really know what happened, but it makes for great reading. I feel for the little boys families. It is such a horrific thing to have to live through.
Thank god for Monday's off. I am rather enjoying the day surfing the net and just being outright lazy.


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