Wednesday, January 22, 2003

War against Iraq

Don't want to kill innocent people, or make them suffer because of their leader.

Don't want terrorists to be able to make us live in fear

I don't believe for one second that Bush is going to war over oil. That is a very shallow thought. I didn't vote for Bush and his economy stinks as does his concervative approach, but I won't believe this is all over oil. The man wouldn't send people to fight and kill for that.
I know people disagree with this.
I am still not sure what the answer is.

A father of someone I know was murdered in his house on Monday. It was a robbery. They stabbed him and then started a mini fire in the bathroom and turned up the gas to blow the house up. It didn't work, but he was badly burned.
The very fact that people have no regard for human life makes me sick. His daughter wrote an email to everyone today. Her courage and faith in this very tragic circumstance is incredible. Her reflections on the life of her father and the legacy he left behind was wonderful. I hope to God they find those cowards.


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