Monday, February 17, 2003

Had a dream that really freaked me out about my past. It was so real, but at the same time so in the past. I swear to God I would almost do anything to erase one hour of my life when I was at a low point and took thinks a little to far. You can never go back and sometimes you can never be forgiven. I will repeat what I have already said, the worst possible position I could be put in is to not be able to make up for something I did. I would pay a price, but to not be able to have that person say, ok, I believe you are sorry.
Damn it, sometimes it goes over and over in my head.

So, my sister was freaked and almost went and bought the duct tape and plastic. My brother-in-law asked her what she would breath once her oxygen was cut off from the lack of air in the house. She never thought about that. She wasn't alone and I guess there is some comfort in that. Tons of people bought into the panic. 3M is happier then hell to support any fear that might be escalating.
Money till the end baby.

I don't support protests at this time. I am not sure how to respond to the fact that there was incredible fear this past week. I think sending bags of rice to the president is moronic at best. G and I got into a fight about all of this. --------> I don't understand that these weapons the enemy has is because of us in the first place........ blah blah blah. Yes, I do. I think that it is running 50/50 on war or no war in the area I am from. Of course we have the redneck version. Let's go kill the bastards. We also have the peace people and their make love not war version. I will say that it takes both and all kinds to create the world we live in. I am extremely grateful I can voice my view. People really should see the movie Kandahar. The movie took place right before the Talaban was expelled from the area.
It was shocking to see the way people must live.
I am a little concerned that all this terrorist hype was supposed to scare us into war.
My father was a cop and he told us about being in a situation of having to kill or be killed. At that point I say we must go for it too and get rid of these leaders. As for now, I don't feel that we are in immediate danger.
God help us all understand are different viewpoints.

I am reading Devils Knot, about the West Memphis Three murder trial. I just don't know what to think. Did they do it or not. The website is great, I just can't figure out if these kids are really innocent or not. I am absolutely facinated by true crime and am spending entirely too much time reading about murder. G said that the knives will disappear from the condo if I don't knock it off.
Not to worry I hate blood, but then there is always the poison...............:P


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