Tuesday, March 11, 2003

So, french fries are now freedom fries. I mean ok, I 'll have a supersized freedom fry please. All I have to say is what about the french kiss. Only in America can we get that shallow. Seriously, this was a issue brought up by a senator. God help us all!

Work has been lame. I rather think I should get my ass in gear and shift, but alas I will take the route to nowhere and stick with what I know.

Last year I was in the midst of a breakup at this time. This year I am packing to move in. I can't believe all the crap I have aquired over the years. I am taking it to G's in little bits, but I think G is going to have to help with this.

I have some dreaded illness and my head fells as if it may explode. I am so looking forward to spring break. Last year I was just going to visit the family. 35 and I am finally going to take a spring break trip.

french toast hmmm......


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