Thursday, April 17, 2003

This has been a nightmare week. G was offered the position of dosemitrist at the hospital. This is a significant promotion with more money, but it is very stressful. One must know how to caculate and read the machines that deal with radiation and cancer patients. A dose too high on an organ and you could kill somebody. Along with that, G's mom went into surgery on Tuesday. Everything went well until they checked the bandage and blood was pooled. They had hit a blood vessel. So back into surgery they went. Meanwhile, I am at work and check local news on the computer and low and behold the 3 miles surrounding our condo are totally consumed with fire. A train sparked starting a brush fire that was out of control. Reports told of rows and rows of condo's that were in danger. I immediately called my best friend and she went to see what was going on as I couldn't just up and leave work unless there really was something where I live. While I waited for her to call, I called the hospital to talk to G. I was told they were up in the surgery prep room. I didn't want to interrupt, but I thought, Ok if your house is burning down you might want to know. They paged G and G called. I have never heard a person so stressed out. Here you are waiting for you mom to go into surgery after convincing her that no, she wasn't just going to go home and die, and then in the middle you get a phone call that your house may be burning. All this as the radiation unit was waiting for G to get over the personal crisis situations and be on the job like a professional. The condo's did not burn, however it is a mess all around with burning debris. We haven't had any rain after this winter of cold but no snow.
It all looked like things were winding down yesterday. We were to go out to a nice dinner because I am leaving tonight until Monday for Easter. Well at 7:30 I was still waiting for G to get home. While I was waiting I turned on the washing machine to prepare for my visit back home, but nothing came out. Needless to say once again I was in panic mode as I realized there was no water in the condo. So I call the hospital but did not reach anyone on the unit. Finally G walks in all happy cause we were to have our nice meal out (although it was 7:45 and I was thinking sleep by then.) I thought murder was going to occur when I mentioned the water fact. G wanted to get an aluminum bat out of the garage to break the window downstairs to get the water back on. Some idiot always shuts it off because they don't realize it connects all the water in the condo's. Nobody lives down there and it is owned by a bank in California. So after the bat plan doesn't work, G calls the bank in Cal. and damands it be turned back on and that they are being reported. No matter that some poor bank teller is going to hear a disgruntled person from backwoods Wisconsin on the message machine. Something about no water in a condo across the country. This morning I was like, you didn't leave your name or number or anything did you. I mean how embarrassing.
I haven't seen G at all this week and now I am leaving. What a week.
I guess I will go eat lunch before the afternoon rush of kids.
8 weeks till vacation!!


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