Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I went and got the Dixie Chicks CD and we purchased tickets for the concerts through the special code on the CD.
I don't feel bad at all.

The more things change....

I will get some desperately needed time off starting Thursday. My best friend and family are headed to Philly a month early before she starts her new job. She will be a research scientist for a pharmaceutical company. It is a major step up all around. For me it means 50 hours a week with the kids. I love it! I will put in about five or six hours in the fall at school if able. I am slowly getting away from it.

Gretch has a ten day seminar in Vancouver next week. I will join her for 4 days.
Maybe we can check out the Lword scene. Rumor has it they will be back filming and hit the down from time to time to do dinner and such.

Only six weeks till the French girl and her family comes for a month. Wooo Hoo...yeah right.


At 5:10 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there.
I am catching up after quite a while. I had been reading blogs through bloglines and for some reason your site wasn't updating, I had a bad feed I guess.
Anyway I am reading again.
As always you have been up to so much and had so much going on. Congrats to your friend, I hope she is happy in her new job!
Vancouver is fantastic. I recommend The Elbow Room for breakfast (only if you are willing to eat a lot!) It is fantastic. They are known for their curt sarcastic service (all in good fun) and they serve amazing food and a lot of it, and if you don't finish you hear about it and are strongly encouraged to make a donation to their AIDS charity. It is 560 Davie Street. I love love love Vancouver and really want to go back. Last year I read The Forest Lover all about the Artist Emily Carr. She was from BC and lived in Vancouver for a time. They have a museum there, I wish I knew about when I was there. Anyway...

I am back reading.


At 10:46 AM , Blogger d t l said...

Hey Michelle!

Welcome back! Thanks for the Vancouver advice. We are very excited about the trip. We almost didn't pick this seminar because next year it is in New Orleans. We came to our senses, realizing we go there all the time and should try some place new.
I will write about our adventure when we return.

Good luck on your new job search. I know you have been through a lot
and deserve to find something that will benefit you. We so need good teachers out there.

My friends are out in your city right now having a great time. The boys are so excited touring the sites. I have never been to Philly so I am anxiously awaiting their return to see their pictures.



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