Monday, April 24, 2006

Shell Shock

My best friend has a couple interviews lined up. Now, I don't know when the all day interview became popular, but you can count me out. I can barely hold it together for a half hour or so, but all day???
I guess when you get to the higher paying positions they are quite intense about figuring out what you are all about. This includes a meal to check out your social skills, table manners, etc.... My God, there is no way possible I could do it!

I joined a message board to hopefully meet some new people like myself. I basically lurked because I am no more social in cyberland then in person. I finally got to posting regularly and then some juvenile behaviors shook up the whole thing and people started leaving. Soon, they came back and told everyone else that they started there own private message board by invite only. I don't get into any kind of drama and I really looked forward to the posts of some of these people and so I applied to the private board and was accepted. There are an astounding 200 people from all walks of life, mostly lesbians.
Now, it has been a month and I feel like I am not really fitting in. I find it hard to step up my conversations and absolutely fear the chat room. It is important to be in there because people really bond in real time.
It is an amazing group of people who are so different yet share an aspect of their life that makes them come together with common ground. I really hope I can connect with some people.
a bunch of them a meeting up this fall for a weekend of activities. I don't think I would take it that far, but it would be fun. I need to toss this shell. It is getting old.

It is so nice today. We went to the gardens and enjoyed the flowers. I am so excited about it being spring!


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