Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Where am I?

I'm in a weird place right now. Trying to figure things out so that I can have some peace. I think I have about two weeks left with the kids unless my friend finds a job by then. I have about seven weeks of school left. After that I need to trust Gretch and all the plans we have put into place. It has been quite a year and I am refusing to give up yet.

My mom, sisters, and children were all here last weekend. It was quite the adventure with some sleeping here. Gretch can't handle them not knowing all about us and so that won't happen again.

Sometimes I wish I could chip away a little at these rising hills in the middle of my life. Sometimes it is all about being stuck and not having enough courage. Mostly it is about being tired of it not being easy enough.

I am so glad I have Gretch to figure things out with. If there is one decision that I made correctly, it was when I was standing at the top of the hill looking down into that subdivision and realizing I wasn't meant to face things alone. The good or the bad. That is a "good enough" thought for today.


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