Monday, April 10, 2006

We tried a new Cuban restaurant tonight. It was pretty good. I had a rather bland chicken and rice dish, but that is the way I like it. The place just opened a few months back. It is beautiful inside with a lot of Hemingway references to it.
It had a video screen on the wall showing scenery of Havana. I am surprised by how little I know about Cuba. So, I researched tonight and am feeling like I know some things about the place now.

I feel like I am not relating well to people this week. I feel like a misfit. I have really tried to make an effort in some cases and I just can't seem to make a connection. I do not know why this is?

Sometimes I would like to talk to Tracey about some things. Perhaps not Tracey, but someone like her. She seemed understand the way people were wired. I unfortunately do not.

The family is coming down this weekend for Easter. I have been told I need to find a church for everyone. It always comes back to that. Haliarious


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