Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Let the nightmare begin. Tomorrow I only have a half day of work, but I need to go clean my best friends house. I just am not prepared for this whole Thanksgiving thing. I am thinking I should have just went to visit my family back home. Sunday will be the only day that I will have by myself. That is, if my sister leaves at a reasonable time. G is going to a seminar on Sunday in Chicago. I can't imagine going with on top of everything else, so I am not. This is probably a disappointment, but I just don't think I can manage.
Work is just as stressful. The time between the holidays is busy. I guess it is just one day at a time.
I really resent the fact that I can't just do something for myself this week.
I need to just get over it.
I like when my family comes down, but with my situation being as it is, it brings about relationship stress, and being with six kids for 4 days straight can really wear on you.
We have decided to look for a new ring for me after the holidays. There just isn't time these days. Part of my Christmas gift is a surprise getaway overnight to Madison. I am not sure what it all entails, but it will probably be a good time. Ok, so life isn't all that bad.
I am thankful for having a significant other that loves me!


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