Monday, November 08, 2004

As I was leaving for church yesterday morning, G said I looked like a Republican. I scanned myself and didn't think so. Must have been the coat. Ditch the coat.

Saturday night, we went to the fashionable East side. We wanted to see the Motorcycle Diaries as that is the only place to see independent films.
I told G that if we were including dinner in this evening, we absolutely had to dress for the occasion. "Oh no, lets just do Pizza Man, college kids eating pizza, we will be fine."
As the movie was ending, G decided Pizza Man just wasn't going to do it. " Hey, what about Beans and Barley? I could go for some hummus. Don't worry, it's all about being organic, not dressy."
Needless to say, I was skeptical. I did plan for the last minute switch however, and even though I had jeans on, I had a nice shirt on under my sweatshirt. I could be a little wrinkled, but I should pass. As we got in the door, I panicked and said, " I look like a freakin redneck, we have to leave." As I had thought, everyone was trendy, or in a few cases hippyish. I rolled up my sweatshirt into the smallest ball possible and tried to fit in. As usual I felt profoundly out of place, but did my best.
See the Motorcycle Diaries!! What a wonderful movie. Although a controversy to many, the characters shine in this movie. I will be looking into the history of Che to find out why he became the man he did.

The election really killed any chance at making 50,000 words of a story. I am over 1000 which isn't even a days worth, but I am feeling a little better this week and hope to work harder.


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