Thursday, November 04, 2004

I gave myself five minutes to surf at random on the internet today. On one news site, a Canadian attorney was advertising a survey to see if you fit the description of someone who would be welcomed to live in Canada. I am not sure that I could pass. I don't have any money whatsoever. I didn't feel very positive. Not that I could really do it anyway.
Other than that I haven't heard much news. I am assuming it isn't positive.

I had dinner with a crowd from work tonight. For the most part there wasn't any talk of elections. We did discuss poor schools and if the students should be allowed to come to our school. I was surprised at the attitude everyone had. I told them, that as Christians, we were responsible for helping, but the debate by some was that these kids could affect the behavior of our students and ruin something we have worked hard to accomplish.
In the parking lot afterward, I told a friend of mine that I believed the statement to be racist, based on stereotypes, and the cocoon environment we were working in. She agreed. That is another instance in which I felt helpless to defend those in need at work. What exactly are we doing to reach out and help people. I hope to make at least a small difference to some of the students I work with. I think if the place was managed differently, it would be easier. Isn't that always the case though. In the end you do what you can.


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