Thursday, November 04, 2004

Working with children can be a blessing, or a curse and there is a fine line. When my father died it was great to be able to come in and have my mind taken to the pleasures of the thoughts little children have. They don't think about death, politics, or many of the grownup things we deal with. They are excited in their own little worlds and with minds that are empty sponges, they are eager to learn and make you a part of that world.

Yesterday was another day that the children took my mind off other things. Hibernation is the the thought of the day. Did you know that some animals hibernate when it is hot and dry?
Some animals sleep a full six months out of the year.

Today I am not so sure it is going to work. I am really very tired. G is sick and we aren't sleeping much. I hate t.v. Well, the O.C. starts tonight. I guess I will take that back. A good hour of trash may be in order.
I am standing at the line of children becoming an irritation. The constant attention is going to be hard to handle today. Patience is the word of the day. Oh, and turkey.
That is a good word to end with.


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