Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Don't panic people. There are many ways to look at this and suggest you not look at this as a death blow. I actually am not freaking out, however G is. I maintained from the beginning that this would be the outcome. It isn't personal, it is not about who you are, or what you believe. We are in a war, believe in it or not, but we are. Fear drives many to think as they usually would not. The war on terror destroyed one of the very basic needs that humans have and that is the need for safety.
On the other hand, it looks like the Repubs. took many offices across the nation, some from Democratic stronghold. I have reason to believe that a lot of people were voting straight party and that lead to some of these decisions. I am proud of my state, we held tight, we are Democratic. My family has been, I have been, and most people here still hold those beliefs, but ar fearful of terror and have some crazy notion that Bush will lead us to the promise land.
I gleefully look out into the hall right now and see the many votes around here that were canceled. People, we have blue stamped on our state and you have been canceled out.
Ok Hillary get the move on. Let's get it started. Who do they have, Cheney??
Seriously though, we have lots of work to do. Nothing comes easy and when we finally win all the more better it will feel after we fight for what we believe in. Defeat brings about the strength to try harder and we will. Turn the damn idiot box off, pick up a book and forget about it for the day. I will be trying to write the novel that will change the world. Yes I will!


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