Monday, November 22, 2004

The week is upon us. I am not motivated to do much of anything. I did see two interesting movies this weekend.
Dogville, which you either hate or love. I really thought it was excellent and give Nicole Kidman a lot of credit for the movies she does. It was three hours long and I didn't budge off the couch while we watched it on my computer. G and I love spending dinner discussing the meanings of film. The film is anti America and made by a person that has never been here, but it was facinating. I don't have to agree with all of it, I can't however like a work of art.
The other was a foreign film, Rana's Wedding. I am disappointed in myself for not knowing more about the conflict between Palestine and Israel. I had a disadvantage while watching this film, so I became bored and almost fell asleep. It has received excellent reviews and so I will blame my dislike on ignorance.

I have not written a single word of my story in three weeks. The election had a major impact in my loss of excitement. The other factor is the motorcycle Diaries movie. After watching that I have become fascinated in the history of other countries and America's role in the past. I am reading Shantaram, an epic novel about the seedy side of Bombay, India. I spent hours surfing the net looking into the history of Cuba also. I didn't even know about the navel base we have there.
There is so little I know about history and geography. I am consumed with learning.
Why didn't this happen when I was in college. I couldn't have cared less back then.
So, I am on my quest for knowledge. How can one write a book when they don't know anything.
That was lame, however, my novel for the most part is set in New Orleans and I need to hunt down some facts and description. That means I need to go down there which isn't happening until March. The perfect excuse for not writing yet.
Equally lame.


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