Thursday, November 11, 2004

Who says I don't have family values??
I spent the evening putting together a 52 piece plastic turkey for the front door window at the kid's house. The picture didn't look anything like the turkey and I was getting frustrated. The foreign exchange student was standing by me asking about slang words. I tried to come up with a few, but was having a hard time concentrating on the damn bird. A piece fell of the door and I uttered a casual "I hate this freakin turkey." The student asked me the meaning of freakin. He finally had his slang expression. The problem with his learning new words is that he practices out loud. He could be heard through the house muttering "freakin turkey." He catches on pretty fast and it wasn't long before you would hear, that freakin cat, or, you freakin dog.
I take that back about the family values.


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