Tuesday, November 09, 2004

It's definitely time to get back into the diet routine. I really did gain about 7 pounds in the last two weeks. From January to April I lost 40 pounds. This was do to very little eating and no exercise. The stress of the last week has been horrible. Food has become my out and that needs to stop. One of the things that had kept me going, was the fact that I hadn't seen relatives in a couple years and I was going to show up this Christmas being thin. I know my cousin and family has been losing weight so I really wanted to keep up. Now I find out that side of the family will have the party the weekend before Christmas. That leaves me out because we don't get off until one or two days before the 25th this year. They are also planning my Grandma's 90th birthday pary for the weekend after I come back to work. I am not going to go back again. Winter here is very harsh and you can't plan on too many good driving days. I am feeling kind of left out of things, but there is nothing you can do but suck it up.
My family still hasn't decided about Thanksgiving yet. Everyone would stay with my best friend and family. That is all up in the air. I do not look forward to the holidays. I pretty much have to take it one day at a time.
The worst part is that G and I are always apart on these holidays. It completly makes me want to cry at Christmas. Holidays shouldn't be like that.
We had Thai food tonight. We talked about work issues and weekend plans. Tomorrow G is taking off from work for a sick day. I am jealous. I will come home to a clean condo and a home cooked meal so I can't complain.


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