Friday, November 19, 2004

I started driving home from work last night and suddenly the radio station I was listening to went all Christmas. It was 5:00. I just don't think I was prepared for Rudolph at that moment.
We have a problem here with radio stations. They are all changing around formats and right now music really stinks. We have finally gotten an 80's station which is great. The only top 40 one is the one that turned Christmas. So you have: hip hop, country, Christmas, hard rock, and 80's.
The commercials have started full blast since yesterday also. I am proud of Ellen and her credit card endorsement. Huge I tell ya. It's kind of like a middle finger at the conservative crowd.
Here is a good example of getting involved. Support this company, you will be heard.

The weekend will bring a collapse. I can feel it coming on. I also need to prepare for the week coming up as my sister and three kids will be coming. I am dreading this whole nightmare. G and I have already had some tense conversation about Thanksgiving Day. With me in town, it is kind of like I need to make an appearance with them at G's brother's house. I will never be more thankful for a Monday then after that weekend. Pathetic. I refuse to stress over it this weekend. It is mine. Next week though, here is your warning, a lot of whining may occur do to frustration and anger.


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