Saturday, May 01, 2004

I feel lazy this weekend. I would like to shut the blinds and be homebound with a book. We are going to a MLB game tonight. When G got these tickets we were thinking warm spring evening. We will actually have a high of 40 today with lots of rain and possibly some flurries.
Next weekend is full of commitments. We have our recognition dinner for years of service and we are hosting a dinner party on Saturday evening. I do not like to have so many plans because then it feels like the week never ends.
Can we just get rid of the word agenda? Every time I hear that world by someone I get angry and can't even follow through with what they are saying. Perhaps because it will have something to do with conservatives blaming others for the problems we face in the U.S. I couldn't stay up for Nightline last night, but I would have liked to witness the reading of the names of the troops who have died from the war in Iraq. I think people are not so aware about what is going on in the world. We just go to sleep peacefully at night and not worry about what is going on outside our homes. Oh wait, that program was just a part of an agenda to start an anti-war movement in the country. Silly me.


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