Thursday, April 22, 2004

What a great day. All my classes canceled for the day so I was able to catch up on tons of work. Like turning in lesson plans for the last six weeks. I have had many former students come and visit this week. I feel honored that they respect me enough to include me on what is happening in their lives. It also brings about some fear, but I think that I have done a great job connecting to a lot of future adults. Maybe someday this will have some meaning.
Our cleaning lady comes in the morning. A friend of G's from work. I feel extremely guilty about having such a service. Why can't two grown adults take care of a two bedroom condo by themselves. She went out on the balcony about a month ago and closed the door. She was locked out and had to jump. She hung as far down as she could and then let go. The elderly lady downstairs was watching her soap and nearly had a heart attack as she saw these feet dangling outside her window. She flew outside and tried to help her off the ground. Most excitement she has had in a very long time.


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