Thursday, April 15, 2004

I am so confused. Can I still say that? Isn't that what early 20 somethings say. I am thinking I need to ban myself from all religious works either synodically blessed or not. Yeah, like that matters. The Davinci book has made me think more than I already do and that is not good. There was a quote and I spent time last night trying to find it, but couldn't. Something about being indoctrinated by the indoctrinator. Like I need to worry about this fictional story. FICTION!!! Unfortunately, anyone with any knowledge of the history of Christianity realizes that certain tiny pieces of this book have been accepted as truth. What was that line, "the winner gets to describe the history of the event." Why does any of this fire me up? I have doubts when I do not want to have doubts about things that shouldn't be doubted.
Yo would love this religious psycho babble. She would claim that because I signed up to work with a religious group they have corrupted my mind. Then she would tell me to F'ing snap out of it.
Ahh, but I am obsessed. The webmaster from the religious board I post on is a pastor. He came on and defended some of my comments. It should make me happy, but it just makes me more confused.
I want answers people, is that too much to ask.

Oh, in more worldly news, my offensively colored yellow Ford Escape has been recalled. Why the heck not, it has been keyed, and smashed twice. Let's toss in a defective transmission also. A reminder to myself........Never Ever by a brand new vehicle again. No reason is good enough.

Oh yeah, I got a letter about jury duty also. Every four years on the date. What kind of random choosing is this? Nobody wants to sub for me. They are either afraid of the small kids, or would rather hang themselves than spend one minute with the 7th graders.

Sunny and 75 today, 80 tomorrow.
Personal forcast: mostly whiney


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