Wednesday, March 31, 2004

I'm reading the Da Vinci Code, but I don't think it is as great as it claims to be. It's just the running around the two main characters do without getting caught. I have seen better writing, but other than that detail it is good. I love the historical aspect and it draws me back to one of my favorite books Name of The Rose, by Umberto Echo. That is a classic mixing religious history and mystery. Although the general public might find it hard to comprehend.
The best room in our condo is the library. I love the dark colors and bookshelves. It is just an alcove, but it has character.
I am hoping some day we can have a house with a room for a bigger library. No windows, dark walls, and lots of old collectable books. I am sort of jealous that G's sister and brother just both bought houses. G's mom made the comment on vacation that G should not let me see one of the houses. I will not want to wait. She is probably right, but I hope she thinks we would be able to get something comparable. There is no competion in my family, but I have found that not to be true with other families. I don't understand that way of thinking. For my sisters I want the best and would never feel bad about not having something they do. I guess that is because in many ways that is exactly how it is.


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