Saturday, February 21, 2004

Well this Saturday is starting out as depressing as can be. While we were at work yesterday G's cat who is extremely old must have jumpled off something and hurt her leg, or hip. She has a hard time walking. She still eats but can't move around. I hope this doesn't mean we will have to put her down.

I didn't get my pile done at work on Friday which means I have to do some work right now. Why have a weekend. Oh yeah, I guess so we can attend things like G's bosses house party tonight. Uh, yeah thats it.

I just feel an extreme amount of stress this morning. I should be excited to be away from that dreary place called work.
I purchased and checked out loads of books, but haven't cracked a one.

I did finally open a Roth IRA for retirement. G has burned that into my head over and over and over that we need to have money to retire early and travel etc... I think we have passed the boat on that one.

Can I just mention I hate election coverage. What a bunch of liars and hate spewers. I really can't stand listen to such complete nonsense.


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