Saturday, March 27, 2004

Ok, this is major depression. We got back yesterday from Florida and sometimes I think taking a vacation puts reality in brighter lights. It was nice in Florida, not very warm, but sunny. I have a tan/burn going on and I absolutely loved the sun.
We stayed at the Westgate Resorts in Orlando. Very nice villas with a nice view of the lakes and pools.
(interesting, I was just interupted by the ex. Valerie from France G's first relationship which although was long ago, would probably be the person picked to last forever. First time I have talked to her. Her English is very good and because she stayed here with G for a year she knows every thing about the area. G has more foreign friends than I do American. You never really know who will be on the line when answering. Of course a few weeks ago with the bombing in Spain, G was very worried about juan who was in the station. I should post his message, but I am not so sure about how he would feel.) Way off the subject here......

G's mom was with us in Florida and so it was interesting at times. She was touring retirement communities and we actually stayed in houses on the last two nights. She didn't quite seem to realize that we had absolutely NO, NONE, ZERO interest in touring with her, but I was polite and took as much as I could of this. We actually were left carless for a day and had to beg, borrow, and steal to get to Disney. Ok, a little dramatic, but we did have to rely on total stangers to drive us to a car rental place to get another car, as G's mom had the first one we rented. See, I had total patience for all of this and there was no arguing.

Wait, there was no arguing UNTIL, G decided to celebrate our one night alone and get romantic. Good idea, although I was
extremely tired at this point and wanted to go to bed. We had this great hot tub and while I was apprehensive because of severe sunburn, I was willing to go forth with this plan. A little hot tub sitting which could lead to...well ok. Anyway, it didn't progress past the bubble path arising to the ceiling. I don't know what G was thinking. Of course it was my fault cause if I wouldn't have turned on the jets the bubbles wouldn't have arose to the heights they did, but hey, what is a hot tub without the jets??? I am not sure what irritated me more, the very fact that the bubbles were over G's head, or the fact that G still thought I was going to get in. Hello! G put in the whole bottle, of course it was just a tiny bottle, I completely understand. So we went to bed and over the course of the night the bubbles lost out and went down the drain.
Looking back it was funny, but I was to exhaused at that point to see the humor of it all. Our one night alone down the drain.
So now we are home in this fog. We were so sad we went to see Taking Lives. Not worth our time, I liked Secret Window
much better. Today is foreign film and we will be going with some friends of G's. We will be eating Thai afterward. Sounds like a fun evening.
Tomorrow, I must go to church. I was doing well, I had only missed one week since January, and then these trips out of town kind of ended that.
I just know we will be called in soon to explain ourselves according to thy Word. The principal talked to me the day before spring break and it sounded very odd. Not that anything they say is normal, but I just don't know how to think lately.
I just wish G would pass the dosimetry boards and we could move away.
To sunny Florida...


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