Wednesday, April 07, 2004

So there it was today sitting in my work mailbox. The contract. I have been invited to stick around for yet another year. Nothing strikes fear into me more then the signing of that piece of paper. You would think it would be rather simple.
If it weren't for the words "promise to live according to the ..."
"you are representing ........ at all times and in all places"

When I sign my name on that dotted line I choose to be a liar. I am a liar.

My sisters and their kids are coming this weekend. They are staying with my best friend as usual. It is odd now that I don't live there anymore, but they have a huge house and they play with her children. We have to cook for like 20 people. We did this one Thanksgiving and left the bag of whatever the hell is in it with the turkey. Luckily G is into cooking or we would starve. This is the first year ever that I won't be home for Easter. I am thinking I don't like this idea very much, but my sisters are excited to come down here.

I wish I had some direction on where to go from here. I can't really keep on like this with the job, as it is causing some stress with G. It is just that I have so many years in already. I know excuses...


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