Saturday, April 03, 2004

More shocking news from Juan in Spain. The building that the suspects were found in today with explosives happened to be his building. I am so angry about this terrorist problem. This poor guy was in the station when it exploded and hasn't been able to deal with seeing the people laying dead around him, and then his very own building explodes. He called while we were at foreign film this evening. He sounded scared. He has a two year old. I can't get over this. G plans to travel there next spring, but I would be so worried about overseas travel right now.

We had a great day today. We started at B&N drinking coffee and reading and then went to Olive Garden for a late lunch.
The foreign film was called City of Godwhich is based on the slums of Rio in the 60's and 70's. I can say it probably was the most violent film I have ever seen. Gangs of 7 year old's with guns robbing and killing for drug money to stay alive. There are so many places of sadness in the world.

I can't believe I have to set the clock back tonight. I would skip church, but that would make 4 in a row and that will be a little hard to explain come next month. Ahh, Holy Week too no less. Jeez
Tomorrow I have to dye 50 coffee filters for a project with the 3's. We are making butterflies. We are using paint. Yikes!

OHHH! G decided for a birthday fun weekend in August we might go to New Orleans! If we can get a good deal we could go. The second option is New York, but I am less than thrilled about that. Lets hope a good deal rolls around.


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