Thursday, April 01, 2004

Seems the office crowd wanted to make the librarian the April fool today. I however did not fall for it. I had way to many kids trying before they got around to it. They picked a sensitive issue. Anything to do with the offensively colored yellow Escape is off limits. G lost her car insurance because three people hit us without insurance. Although it is my vehicle and my insurance that paid, there is a company out there that records who is in an accident and sells it to your insurance even though you are not at fault. No that is some crazy policy. This last guy that hit us owes my insurance company $4,000.
Just ridiculous. Sooo... when they decided in the office to say that they had hit my car, I panicked for a moment and then realized it was a joke. NOT FUNNY!

Otherwise, G is off to work out and I am off too have dinner with the kids. Only 12 weeks till I get to watch them again for the summer.


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