Thursday, April 08, 2004

I just received an interesting phone call. G called to say the family was just arriving at some crab restaurant. Seems it is down in the next state. Already then.... no crab up here ay?
Thurs. is G's family night while I go to see my children that I used to live with and miss terribly. Little league started tonight. I love summer nights at the park watching baseball.
I'm alone with a bowl of choco crunchie's. sob... . I am watching the Apprentice and Amy just got fired. The two boring guys are left. blahh
Actually this is great, the calm before the storm. I am just going to watch some t.v. and become a vegetable. We are going to a MLB game with everyone on Sat. afternoon. All 14 of us. We got the cheap seats and my sister is freaking out that she won't go up that high. I have never seen anyone with such a fear of heights.
Holday weekend here we come.
My friend Yo has just announced her wedding date as being next March. I miss Yo. She moved as we were just becoming good friends. She moved to distance herself from family. Seems she didn't have to do it as her parents are moving to the south of France. She has made peace with them, but if she wouldn't have moved she wouldn't have met this person that she seems so in love with. I am happy for her. She has taught me a lot, but she has so much more work to do.


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