Monday, April 12, 2004

We celebrated my move to the condo a year ago this weekend. We dined at one of our favorite restaurants close to the house. I indulged in a steak. I am not feeling to bad about that because I have not gained any weight in the past week. Tomorrow I will begin phase two of weight loss.
Anyway, I can't believe I have been here a year. We have been discussing the purchase of a house, but G is not into that idea at all. My job is not secure in the least. I found out Friday that one of the specialists was given a year's notice of her job going under the hours needed for benefits. Interesting how they never just let you go, they just give you the under hours speech because they realize you will not be able to stay.
I don't trust my job past the next years contract and I need to leave. It is not healthy for me to be there even though it has been good for me in so many ways. G's mom has got to make a decision on whether or not to purchase a lot for a home in Florida by the end of June. If that happens we discussed buying her condo. That would mean an hour drive to work for me.
This is a fabulous condo worth over 200 thousand, but I am not up for that drive.
I really want a house with a yard.
If I lose the job I will need health insurace.
I need to not expect to get everything I want in life.


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